Meet the Saboteur
He was handed his total freedom to go search for his own strings. Life started with excitement and experiments and ended up with madness chaos and destruction.
Tiny Deaths
Lack of self esteem which was fueled by his self destructive moods; such as, fear, sadness, and doubt which was considered his own tiny deaths moments, where he made Decisions about himself that are rooted in pain and shame. The purest self that’s following his bliss is traded in for a protected one who created an escape plan.
He wanted nothing but to escape his reality by transcending himself to a universe where pain and sadness did not exist. This illusion that he trapped himself into made him feel more relaxed, self-confident and in control. It was his own cooping mechanism
During his escape to the imaginary universe, his feelings would stay behind repressed and buried in his reality. The more he stayed there the more he losses the opportunity to act based on his emotions.The truth about feelings and emotions is that when they are neglected they find a distorted and twisted way to pierce their way into his universe.
The Withdrawal
 When he decided to return to reality he was faced with several weeks of anger, anxiety and depression. He was gone for so long he could not remember who he was aside from what he became. He broke under the pressure of it all.
The Healing
He realized that in the process of healing, scars will show themselves before he finds his way back to reality. It is in feeling his emotions, processing them and allowing himself to move through them that he actually heals himself from them.