Danah Alzaman was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Inspired by her mother’s creativity, passion, and fashion career, Danah developed her own passion for art and design.
She pursued a degree in fashion design and textiles at the University of Sharjah and graduated in 2016. Then proceeded her journey In the UAE training at design studios and working in retail.In 2017, she participated in Project Runway Middle East and reached the semi-finals. After her time at the show, Danah travelled with the purpose of expanding her technical and ethical knowledge in fashion.

During her journey she found the power to derive meaning and transform moralities through constructing clothes, which inspired her to start her own label in 2018.Danah Alzaman’s collections are conceptualized through the different ideologies and experiences she is exposed to throughout her life.

The design process of each collection is based on analyzing the inputs that feed into one’s experiences, the processing mechanisms of those experiences, and outputs that manifest as mental and behavioral consequences. This process is then used to create a story that gets translated into multifunctional pieces, which allow the consumer to embody the story from their own perspective.